Thomas Chin

I'm currently a software engineer working on Wikipedia: one of the top 10 websites in the world. We reach over a billion unique users every month. I also do freelance web development, but exclusively by referral only.

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David Mildenberg

CEO | Valley To Summit
thomas idk u but ur a real homie


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You're too fat


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2 a.m. Sleepless City | Single

First single of a new album to be released soon.

Listen to it here

Going Up! | Single

Literal elevator music.

Listen to it here

Barely Lingual

A blog documenting my language learning progress with Japanese.

Read it here

Tea Time with Thomas & Ty

A tea review podcast combined with personal stories and way more cursing than necessary.

Listen to it here

Fleeting Nostalgia | EP

An objectively terrible instrumental EP that I produced in a month just because I could. Listen with caution.

Listen to it here


Did you get here from a place not linked on this page? Congratulations! You found me or are privy to one of my secret projects. Remember not to tell others.

Shhh. This is a secret project so there's no link to avoid people looking at backlinks. The website is "" and use the code "olive garden" to read a piece of writing I've done.